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Conversation Between RedandGold_35 and Norm

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  1. Twenty years of "organized" football.
  2. Hahahahahahaha
  3. There used to be this country song called little miss can't be wrong lol I want to sing it to him
  4. Yeah sounds like the sit the rookie thing is his view and he wants to convince me they can do it for Blaine lol.
  5. He's been about the sitting rookie thing all year, that's not new. The Gabbert is playing really well stuff though is all just a ruse. He knows it too, just hides behind the being a bully card. I've been on PSD long enough to know bias over well formed opinion, at least I think so.
  6. Seems like he's dead set on whoever they draft sitting too. Like trying to convince us he's not terrible still make him start over the rookie lol
  7. Understand, it's not about Gabbert, it's about Kap. Guy has a car sized bug up his *** against Kap, any topic we had going he'd devolve into _____ is Kaps fault, _____ isn't good because of Kap, etc etc. He's literally let Gabbert slide on mistakes that he has crucified Kap over. At this point I just give him a hard time because he calls me and a few others bullies because we call him on it. He's literally accused me of liking Kap when a page or two before I said to someone else that I want to move on from him.
  8. What's the whole Gabbert deal in your forum
  9. Yeah, I may dig in on a subject here and there, but I'll usually conceed a point when it's obvious. He's just all time at not admitting anything.
  10. He likes to fight. I think half of it is trolling myself. He can't be that dense
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