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Conversation Between RedandGold_35 and Norm

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  1. Pssstt...Ignore the old man. We're all doing it and he's been PMing tons of ppl begging us to respond to him again lol.

    It's way funnier when he rambles on and nobody even cares.
  2. Lord do I hope not. I'd trade a pick for Payton if that's what NO wants. Our FO supposedly wants to land a "big" hire, so I hope its one and not the other big name on the market.
  3. Lol I really doubt they hire Kelly. I wouldn't worry. Probably people just guessing?
  4. Meh, I'm hearing three names already, Kelly/Payton/Holmgren, as who they want. The first one will likely drive me back to Tue bottle after 3 years sobriety. I'd rather keep Tomsula and company another year than suffer through Chip Kelly.
  5. Yeah just found a fight we got into from ages ago haha
  6. I'm gonna guess Tomsula?
  7. I didn't even know you were the TM

    I thought someone like trolled the forum or something at first I was so confused lol

    I also made fun of you in the main, but don't take it personal. It's just for fun haha.
  8. Long story, lots of off topic bickering and a bunch of a certain someone claiming I abuse TM power, so I just shut everything down but wide coverage general discussion threads and GDTs.
  9. Why are all the SF threads locked lol
  10. Lol he is just a special brand of...something...I don't even know what.
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