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Conversation Between RedandGold_35 and Norm

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  1. Yeah once the regular season starts I won't deal with him anymore. It's just passing time and letting him show how ridiculous he is. So glad he's stayed away, looks like the NFL forum has adopted Hamburger too.
  2. He does it to annoy people. Just like everything he does. He said he only posted here to mess with people. I showed it to the mods and got 3 months for impersonating a mod.
  3. I've enjoyed the multiple times I called him out for using the ~ when it means almost nothing and he just ignores it.
  4. He's been at an all time worst today. Hoping I'll quote him probably.

    This thread is great. It's a magnetic for uneducated racists.

    Most of them make zero sense too. It's awesome.
  5. Haha geez I wish I could, but as a TM (and he claims 49er Fandom, even though we ran him out of the forum) I can't ignore list em.
  6. Mods told me I have to ignore list CCRider and never reply to him or I get infracted.

    That's working well. Yep. I was the issue
  7. He will never give up
  8. Did we just beat him into submission?
  9. Lol yeah, I have no idea what to expect this year. Him with either QB should be...interesting. Only up side is that Hyde is a pretty great fit at RB in his system. Knowing my luck, I'm kind of hoping for a down year because I want a top pick in this draft with the potential guys coming out, so of course we'll probably do surprisingly well.
  10. lol my last VM to you before my other one today said I bet 9ers don't get Kelly. That's funny.
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