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Conversation Between RedandGold_35 and rapjuicer06

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  1. Just frustrating being in there right now. lolphillies is annoying as all hell as is hamburger and edush...
  2. Yeeeeeah. I mean, I don't mind getting into debates with you and NH about things, but its usually something different each time, not always coming back to square 1.
  3. Yea....I wish we could have a conversation in the freaking forum with out Gabbert or Kap being brought up. Totally impossible.
  4. Yeah, same here. Hard to gauge team needs both for us and around us right now.
  5. If Treadwell fell to us, I wouldn't hesitate on taking him. Not one bit.
  6. Yeah, Smith from ND could fill the gap next to Bowman pretty well unless they like Hodges, Treadwell would be nice or even Coleman/Boyd, Stanley the OT may still be there, but that's probably a long shot, that Alexander kid from Clemson is probably the 3rd best CB and I think he's about as good as Waynes/Peters he should be there. Good group right there and I'm probably missing a few.
  7. guess it's time to look at prospects in that range now...Still good ones though, so that's a plus.
  8. Very possible, which does suck.
  9. We're going to end up picking 12-15.
  10. Yup, picking 9th now. Should beat Cleveland too.
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