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Conversation Between GuySir and GunFactor187

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  1. it's the worst
  2. So I can finally relate to you in regards to neighbors firing off random fireworks... >.>
  3. Thought both episodes were great!
  4. Hey, how was the Community "re-premiere" so to speak?
  5. GuiseSir Drunk!!! Woop!
  6. Blink wishes he could get GuySir drunk
  7. Someone is getting Blink Drunk
  8. **** AAP and **** the bears, bulls, wox, and bawks! **** the cards, **** you, and **** me, too!

    **** state, while I'm at it.

    I'm not drunk, I swear!
  9. You should do AAP and pick Peyton Siva for the irony of it, haha!
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