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Conversation Between ThomasTomasz and Norm

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  1. Up team draft
  2. Thanks.

    This is random but if you ever consider adding a new NFL mod, I suggest wrench. He's doing a ridiculously good job taking care of this game and he really seems to like doing it and everything.

    Seems like he'd be a great mod.
  3. Ive assigned them to you now.
  4. I lied, I should probably help, if ya can give me privs in there that would be great.

    It's a little more work for him than I anticipated.
  5. I think as long as wrench has then it shouldn't be necessary for anything.
  6. do you need powers in the redraft forum for your game?
  7. Jesus. That's unreal. You'd think he would give up.

    He posted my real name once and pictures of me a long time ago. So I'm not very fond of him lol
  8. There are more than that. I think I banned 15 of them during an NFL playoff Sunday last year- he kept registering, I found them and banned them.
  9. Thanks btw
  10. I should have reported him earlier. It just doesn't seem to matter. That's like twenty accounts he's made it seems like haha. I just stopped caring.
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