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Conversation Between JOSKOMANG4 and Norm

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  1. i'm interested in the mock draft forum. i'll take the giants. if giants are taken, i'll take wutever is available.
  2. u on? ur up?
  3. Norm, If i'm not on when the 49ers pick comes up, the 49ers request Senio Kelemete, Offensive Lineman, Washington
  4. Disregard the trade below.. this dude pulled out on me(no homo). ha
  5. if the trade still goes thru with the chargers.... the niners will select cordy glenn, g georgia.

    if glenn is chosen already
    1- f.cox, dl miss st
    2- p.konz, c wisconsin
  6. I spammed you all the wrong link. Click here for the lounge to sign in
  7. At the risk of losing your team, make sure at some point soon you come here and make a post stating your team and that you're signed in. The draft has started, we're at pick #6 currently. We go on the clock Tomorrow at noon and teams are eligible for skips after that point.
  8. Whenever you're ready. You got the doubles there.
  9. ull be up with back to backs soon, astros is deciding right now in front of u
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