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Conversation Between CityofTreez and Pete Dahh Sneak

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  2. from aliexpress?
  3. Not only did I receive my Germany jersey for $43, I got the whole damn uniform. Jersey and shorts.
    Chinese don't fool around!

    Best part, I just bought a Ghana jersey yesterday for cheaper.
  4. which is why i showed you my site bc i'm also a cheap bastard.. it normally takes 2 weeks to get delivered unless you pay for quicker shipping, i've gotten 6 jerseys from there and the most I've paid for 1 is 19.55 or something like that... just sort it by seller rating and look at the feedback theres purchase protection on it its like the asian ebay
  5. I used a different site from china, but I'm a cheap bastard.
    Your site delivers quickly, and has never squeezed you?
    I'm still concerned a bit, only because it hasn't arrived.
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