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Conversation Between pidg88 and SensandRaps

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  1. Of course I have one lol....and not pissed just being a little of a smart *** back, haha sorry. If you have any interest I would be interested in Greening fyi.
  2. lol no need to get pissed off, have you ever heard of co gms...or an assistant gm?
  3. Well considering I have another person private messaging me with deals from the Senators is why I was confused with you peddling Sergei...dont be a smart *** get on the same page
  4. i have gonchar so that means im the senators...if your not interested thats cool
  5. Well you didnt say who you would want back or what team you are...but not particularly in Sergei
  6. you interested in sergei gonchar? i could give you a bottom 6 forward or two in the deal
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