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Conversation Between pidg88 and SensandRaps

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  1. Haha shoulda guessed...what specs you making available?
  2. senators
  3. What team?
  4. i want yandle and doan
  5. Hmm were pretty set on D until we make a run for the big D FA. We will keep in mind that your interested though once FA rolls out maybe we can work something then
  6. i know you guys need/want a defenceman what if i give you the rights for kuba?
  7. Dont really know how much we want to move him...What would you be willing to offer
  8. curious what would you want for patty eaves?
  9. Haha well Franzen is def out there on the table, but no that would be too much overpay
  10. lol no prob, greening is available, but we are looking to upgrade and i doubt you wanna trade franzen/flippula in a deal for him
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