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Conversation Between pidg88 and SensandRaps

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  1. your up in the nhl mock offseason draft
  2. Yes he is but only if I am getting a 1C
  3. would andrew ladd be available in the mock?
  4. Boedker isnt, Doan wont waive...Hanzal is but I have plenty of offers for him and will only be moved if its a really good offer of young NHL prospects and picks
  5. dunno if i asked you this earlier but is any of your top line available? (boedker/hanzal/doan)
  6. what for hanzal? and would boedker be available?
  7. No he still has I think 4 years left on his deal
  8. i can deal bish and isnt doan expiring?
  9. That's tough for me then would want Silf at least and a player for Doan...have a deal for Doan now that's a 7.5 and a roster player trying to do better.

    Also Yandle wouldn't be moved if you can't give any of those top specs (don't want Lehner)
  10. anyone outside of silf/zibby/lehner(ironically they are all on my roster atm)
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