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Conversation Between MetroMan and Hawkeye15

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  1. interesting. are there V-Hookers here?

  2. Not even sure, but there is a vcash section in teh forum now. I assume for betting, but not real money.
  3. Whats up Hawkeye, what is vcash?
  4. Glad you see my point in creating it. The back and forth is exhausting, to be honest with you, I like both players no matter what. I just wish people will leave it alone and not be such penises about it.
  5. trust me, I am so sick of the back and forth in the NBA forum, I get it dude.
  6. Sorry man, saints Patrick's day played a role in that thread. Won't happen again
  7. Um, stop what?
  8. Damn, It was worth asking.
  9. haha, haven't been to NY in years.
  10. Wanna spar sometimes? Are you in ny?
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