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Conversation Between MetroMan and LakerShow

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  1. I typically do that. It's just that from time to time I play some stealing freak that the CPU steals even when I pass side to side, to the three point line and paint. I thought it was some defense setting I didn't know about.
  2. any zone really. but i play man to man.
  3. Which is best for the people that just attack the Rim ? When I hit the right d pad it doesn't say zone. It say one on one and what not
  4. hit the right d pad and u can choose what d.
  5. Even though I got a good record(I'm a excellent shooter) im not savvy with the settings. how do you do zone defense?
  6. depends what kind of d the op is playing. if you feed into the zone, you will most likely get it stolen. gotta move the ball side to side.
  7. What's up buddy I got another question man. How the hell do you make your players steal like crazy? There is some people I play that when I pass the CPU steals it like there's no tmrw.
  8. yeah, its happend to me too. lol but what can you do.
  9. Wow...really? That's it... Thanks! It happened to me again yesterday, I was winning by 16 points and my connection shut and gave me an auto loss. Fk lol
  10. just press L1. im not sure about xbox though.
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