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Conversation Between MetroMan and D12 fan

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  1. Yeah better have as much fun as you can, that sounds like a lot of work. Hope you do a good job bro.
  2. Yeah man I know. Fml. Lol

    I got a douche professor. His work is mad intense.

    I gotta take a little break though. Ima hit up Atlantic city this weekend.
  3. Dang bro I feel bad for you, you can't even enjoy your spring break. A 12 page paper WTF!
  4. Lucky

    I got 2 midterms right after spring break but during the break I got a 12 page paper to write. And this isn't no ordinary paper, it involves so much research and detailed info that it will take sooooo long to write it
  5. I don't have a midterm this semester, my final exam is in May.
  6. How midterms go man?

    If you can believe I didn't take 1 midterm yet.
  7. lmao!
  8. MetroMan aka SigMan
  9. lol I tried to steal it away from this other guy, but mine don't move like his did. I tried to pm but I don't think he wants to share.

    By the way you are like the 5th person to ask me this same question.
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