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Conversation Between HeatWave2306 and blueplanet

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  1. Thank you very much for your input. I respect your choice. I know what my basketball love is all about. I have no problem with accepting anything on my team. LeBron is playing better now and therefore he is a more deserving candidate at this moment. When I said Wade was more deserving he was out playing LeBron. And I don't like to talk about stats here. Wade is traditionally not a stat player. He plays off the ball and he does his things. LeBron has a different role and he does his things as well. But whenever credit is due to someone I always appreciate and give it to him. I am a team first fan, not a player first. So for me to be a neutral judge appreciate everybody is much easier. I have read many of your posts but whatever I have seen you and minimal never gives Wade any props (IMHO and you might not agree, and that's fine with me). And I don't really care much about these as well. I know most Heat fans are neutral and they stand on the correct stance whether it be LeBron or Wade.
  2. The main difference between us is that if Wade was outplaying LeBron I wouldnt have a problem embracing the fact he was helping the team more. If you were indeed a Heat fan over any player you would have embraced LeBron and given the appreciation he deserves.
  3. Well I hope you wouldnt considering Wade's numbers have never been 23 or 6 ..but while you are loyal to an organization, I am loyal to a player. I ride with my nfl franchise (Dallas) the way you ride for the Heat, but never had an NBA team. I loved Jordan when he played, and have loved watching LeBron since he was in high school. Me being loyal to a player as much or moreso than you are loyal to a franchise doesnt make me any less a fan.
  4. Fine. Stop posting on my wall. To me team come first. I've been a Heat fan way before Wade entered the league. So Wade departure wouldn't make a bandwagoner. So stop assuming everyone would do (jumping on wagon) what you have done. I wouldn't make a username like CavWade2306 and contaminate the Cav's culture as an undercover Heat fan.
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