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Conversation Between ombada and Norm

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  1. yeah, well you remember how it was with Vince Young. RG3 is a much better player, but the hype is similar. I have a feeling that the media will be all over RG3's nuts for the next few years. Wilson will probably have a more quiet career settling into his role and Luck will surely enter into elite company right around his 3rd year.

    I can definitely see people knocking Luck for his numbers for years to come, but realistically farther down the line they will only remember the fact that he put up 7 rookie records to Wilson and RG3's 1.
  2. The worst part is next year, or in two years. Wilson and RGIII will have to go more pro style and they will struggle early. And Luck will be a star by then. And people will stay say, HE STILL WASN'T GOOD HIS ROOKIE YEAR. It's sad.
  3. haha exactly, but try telling him that. I tried to explain it in both a complex and simple manner. I really tried to get through... then towards the end there, i was like F this im just gonna have to crush his retardiculous point. I dont feel like with words i could have more adequately explained why Luck is more important to his teams success than RG3 and Wilson and more deserving of OROY.

    Also thanks for backing me up. I dont remember specifics because my posts were basically short stories, but i remember reading and agreeing with everything you wrote. The funny thing is, you put it to them so simply and in such an understandable way there was really no room to argue.
  4. You're exactly right on Fort's PPG thing. He threw it out there with no context. If you did that for every single team's wins I bet they hold their OPP under their PPG average by basically the exact same margin. It means nothing.
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