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Conversation Between allSUAVE and FriedTofuz

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  1. you trying to become more than just friends?
  2. I want laker beats! LOL she sounds like a bandwagon fan! If she doesnt know you have it up here, I dont think she'd like it up there. Its kind of embaressing, afterall, she is exposing a lot of chest, and guys like myself, would not think highly of her. Did you take the picture? if your friends with her, you must be pretty mature, she looks at least 20.
  3. She doesnt know i have it up here ... And Yea it's my headphones lol ..she routes for the Knicks now because of me and now she's like this biggest Knick fan ,she actually bought her own skullcandy Knicks.. ..but she's flip flopin now she's A Mav fan as well lol
  4. She looks like a knicks fan with those headphones. Yeah , when your exposing that much, you'll definatly get attention Why would she let you put out her picture though?
  5. She's just a friend of mine I had to put it up knew I would get some buzz on here lol
  6. Whos that girl in your signiture?
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