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Conversation Between carolinaraider and Dr Cyanide 28

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  1. Nah man, it cool. I take all the arguments in good fun and never take anything to heart. To be honest with you, the Chiefs have made tremendous strides, and really look scary. Us on the other hand, take a step forward, and then take 10 steps back; with the Tom Cable, and Nnamdi situation going on right now. I suppose I ws writing in anger since my team didn't make the cut, but whats new for us man, I guess the only thing we can say is, till next year my friend...hopefully the games are better and more competitive.

    Oh, and good luck to you boys today, and I'll see you around in the forum buddy.
  2. hey buddy,
    sorry for giving you such a hard time the other day on the chiefs vs ravens thread. I was just being a smartass and make light of all the stupid arguments i see between the raiders and chiefs fans. we all really support our teams and think that our team is better than the other team. its awesome to see the chiefs and raiders rising back to prominence because it makes the season so much better. your points are for the most part valid and thorough best of luck to the raiders next year, because competition makes everyone better and makes things so much more interesting!
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