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Conversation Between sacgiants1213 and Rush

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  1. just waitin on u.
  2. Lego.
  3. skype?
  4. wanna go on skype real fast?
  5. Wow. That's great. Ya, you'll probably be the first set of numbers they call.
  6. Ticket # is 10, so sounds like i'll be one of the first people.
  7. fyi, I decided to pick up my ticket tomorrow. I have an off day tomorrow, so I figured i could use that day to go to the store and scope out that area. Will make me feel more comfortable than just going to that store for the 1st time on the day of.
  8. do you have like an AIM or a YIM, Skype? want to talk about this leftys thing!!!!!
  9. Hey, wanna create a separate winter meeting thread for the giants forum? Or should we just keep everything in the offseason/around mlb threads?
  10. That's a relief.
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