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Conversation Between ******2017 and ichitownclowni

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  1. What blog haha
  2. Basically cb429 raped Celtic AL in a trade. AL wanted my pick for a certain wrestler and i gave him like my 3rd 8th and 9th for his 4th 5th and 6th and riv had the biggest fit about it because plain and simple he does not like me. The only reason I even joined this is because I wanted to do the 3 way tag TLC. I told riv that. about 2 picks before I was up he took Christian. He knew who I was going to take he just did it out of spite but he denies it. Dick head
  3. Now the forum is ****. After the ******** with Riv in the redraft I am done
  4. That is my funniest memory of this forum
  5. I see your point. The forum is complete garbage now
  6. What went down?????
  7. We miss you. join us in ripping LA
  8. Freddie Freeman>Adam Dunn
    Elvis Andrus > Dee Gorden
    Chris Davis > Aramis Ramirez
    Steve Cishek > Peralta

    Lol nice try

    Ill give you Zack Cozart
  9. Yo what do you want for Dee Gorden?
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