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Conversation Between Hawkeye15 and mngopher35

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  1. Haha, I just hate thibs and want him gone. This drama is pretty crazy but like I have said since mid season on (pre Butler trade even and you know I hated that) he needs to go. I am just gonna focus on the bright spot that we seem closer than ever to that happening. Obviously Taylor is an issue but if he just hires the right guy he seems capable of staying out of the way (like when Flip was building a young squad). Hopefully he gets it right after Thibs.

    Get some solid youth/pieces that we can put next to KAT/Wiggins (like richardson) and just keep improving/building like we should have been doing instead of the all in moves.
  2. I bet you weren't ready for this excitement haha
  3. I watched the majority of it. Eh
  4. Sorry I just saw this message... It's on 257 for me through comcast which is NBA TV. They are showing a replay at like 130 am I think if you missed it and wanna tape it. I thought it was worth the watch.
  5. yo what channel is the Wolves summer league game on tonight?
  6. Thanks, its great to hear that, especially from you. I've been reading the rumors and new posts to get updates on trades etc for a couple years but never really read many comments until like a year ago and just recently felt like getting in on the conversations. Since then though I have almost always agreed with or seen the logic in your posts so its great to hear you what I have to say. I think your easily one of the best posters I've read. It sounds like you have been watching basketball for a long time and I love hearing experienced opinions on previous generations. Being only 23 I have been watching bball a ton since late 90's and have seen tons of old videos of the greats but I always feel like my opinions lack a little in those areas because I never saw them play live or felt the emotions of say the Bird/Magic rivalries etc.

    Thanks for the message and I hope to have some great discussions in the future.
  7. I would like to say, after reading a good amount of your posts, I respect your opinion to a large degree man. I think you know the game very well, and am very happy to discuss it with you going forward. I honestly hope one day you and I can go watch a game together, drink a beer, and talk basketball.

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