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Conversation Between letsgorangers27 and Shaiza

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  1. i think aleve is naproxyn so that should work. yep it is since when you google it the 1st thing that comes up is it. it works great 2 of them twice a day w/ food
  2. Do you recommend anything over the counter? These damn tylenols just don't work.
  3. nah its a prescription
  4. Thanks for the tip. The thing about orthopedists are that it's expensive and not covered by insurance. Is that medicine over the counter?
  5. was just reading your backpain thread. go see a orthopedist. i had excruciating pain in my lower back from getting slew footed during a game and i had took naproxyn(muscle relaxer its a stronger version of aleve so theres no need to worry about getting addicting to pain killers) and it helped alot
  6. Yer up.
  7. offer away and we'll go from there
  8. what would kessels rights cost?
  9. im on
  10. after you pick go on aim cause my co isnt on and i need help
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