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Conversation Between sacgiants1213 and lol, please

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  1. Still not allowed. just PM him.
  2. The user is ignoring me. At least with a thread I might get SOME help.
  3. Why'd you scrap the Cain stuff?
  4. PM me please when you have a moment, I am fuming right now because of the incompetence of a mod of a forum I frequent on here, and want to push for their de-motion, and would like some advice please!
  5. spammer thread in the Giants forum FYI
  6. I change it often, so you'll get one that you like soon!
  7. Boooooooo! Your previous sig was much more attractive!!!!!!!!
  8. lmao
  9. you should be 'psd's rainy day fund'
  10. I was going to be PSD's Nakajima....but yea, not holding my breathe
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