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Conversation Between mikeman0000 and RandyRocks77

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  1. First time I've logged on in quite a bit. Thanks for the invite, i'm going to attempt to become active again
  2. hey man wanted to send you this invite to join the OOTP league we just started the 1980 season and things are starting to pick up... and looking for a few good GMs.
  3. Randy I need to make a FA offer
  4. I posted that you are now the Astros GM so go sign some FA's make some trades and don't get banned again
  5. Yeah PM me I think the Astros are open
  6. Randy if you still have a spot open I'd like to help. I now have sone free time and will be able to
  7. hey you want back in OOTP? I have the Astros without a GM and I think you could help them out
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