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Conversation Between ThomasTomasz and ODB13

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  1. Am I going to be punished for daring to disagree with dear Jeffy?
  2. Here he comes to save the day!
  3. You protected your buddy. I can respect that. But this was a valid thread based on someone's repeated awful commentary with continued pomposity. I know there is a "protected few" on here that drive a lot of posters nuts, and I had the gumption to make clear the ridiculousness. That's all.
  4. You allow your friends to troll, which is why you have such a ridiculously lopsided and non-inclusive debate. They're defense of one another at all times is predictable as it is pathetic. They do it because they know they can get away with it, because the mods on this site are so incapable of handling their responsibility. Great work.
  5. I'm not going to continue with this. You refused to answer my question in the Jeter thread- one that is legitimate and I am truly interested in your answer so we can discuss the players involved- but I'm done. Follow the rules or not, it's your choice.

    Personally, you need to tone down your posting style and try to take in other opinions. We have a newer member in the MLB forum who has been here for a few months and has made no waves and is a contributing poster who has had disagreements, but still gets along with everyone. I haven't been here since 2004 either, so I had to acclimate to the community as well.
  6. Nope, I deleted them because I locked the previous thread and we needed to move on. I don't have any buddies on the site either.

    If you don't want to move forward with a reset, that's fine with me. If you post according to the rules, we will be fine. If not, then that is your choice to make.
  7. I closed down the thread because thats all that needed to be said there. We can move forward here amicably. Just read the rules and follow them. If you haven't been trying to bait throughout the entire Jeter thread, which we let slide as a newer poster, you would be fine. If you avoid that style of posting, then if people are baiting/trolling you, I can take action on them instead of trying to decide if we let it slide, or take action on both users.
  8. That was pretty pathetic. What is this, Soviet Russia? Censor anything that makes you abd your buddies look stupid?

    Try to stop the baiting among your regulars and you won't run into issues like these.

    And lay off the wrestling. Messes with your fight/flight balance.
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