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Conversation Between pidg88 and BranWingss

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  1. Paajarvi for 3rd rounder.
  2. I will honestly give you Hamhuis, Kesler, any Canuck besides Luongo/Sedins for real, real cheap.
  3. Oka,y coming.
  4. Get in chatzy
  5. No way jose...I will move Stewart but for the right price.
  6. Hmm. Chris Stewart for Alex Burrows?
  7. Need you to go vote in all of the division's besides ours.
  8. Hit me up with a Pm over your ideas for round 3. I have a few.
  9. Prospect update and message me when you're on..
  10. Yes I do, most AHL games can be found online for free usually broadcasted by the team/ AHL itself. I would say I will watch about 1/3 to half of GR games a year. Last year was more because of lockout.

    Yes that sounds like a good way to decide and look at people. We will win it this year!!!!
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