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Conversation Between pidg88 and BranWingss

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  1. Any interest in moving semin rights?
  2. No thanks, we arent looking to trade prospects unless it help us in run for the cup
  3. Patrice Cormier + 3rd rounder for Tomas Jurco?
  4. I'll be off until 12:00 AM EST or so. PM me an offer if you'd like.
  5. I assumed you'd ask for Bogosian. You know it would take a massive deal. You can offer one. I'd expect Quincey's RFA rights, Nyquist, Val, and more.
  6. Might be new but I know 2nd rounder is going to be valuable or at least thats what im told so ill have to decline for now. Any interest in moving Bogo? Had to know I was going to ask that
  7. Mark Stuart for 2nd rounder perhaps?
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