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Conversation Between ClipperfanKevin and King Koopa

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  1. My team does not suck. Unfortunately, we have been hit my the injury bug this year, which is reflected in our record. Look at my squad and tell me that we wouldn't be contenders if everyone was injured. It gets tough when 3 or 4 starters are out with injury.
  2. I didn't say anything. Your team flat out sucks. Your record shows it, and the point of this game is for the rebuild teams to get expiring contracts and great young players. And for the contending teams to get stronger.
  3. You're the one who said we're rebuilding. I'm just letting you know that the Clippers organization is NOT rebuilding. I'm not going to make a trade that is horrible for my organization because you claim that we are rebuilding. We would lose our starting center and the first man off our bench, for an expiring contract?
  4. You do know this game is only until the trade deadline right? There is no such thing as next year bro wtf are you talking about?
  5. actually now that we have most of our team healthy, we're looking to be competitive for next year. sorry for the inconvenience.
    Clippers GM
  6. Well your clippers are rebuilding so a expiring contract and a 1st round pick wouldn't be to bad.

    I offer:
    Marion+1st round pick for Camby+Ricky+Hart.
  7. its going to take quite a bit to pry camby from my hands. he's a great clubhouse presence, he plays hard everyday, does all of the little things that no one notices, and he is a great mentor for our young bigs. what do you want to offer?
  8. Am interested in Camby, so message me.

    -Heat GM
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