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Conversation Between ClipperfanKevin and phlp_bj

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  1. I regret to inform you that I am stepping down as Clippers GM, for personal reasons. All future dealings will be done with DirtyThirty. Your offer has been forwarded to him.
  2. kaman for horford? or camby but i prefer kaman
  3. say in the thread that u accept as well. thanks.
  4. PMd you back
  5. so u get my pm?
  6. nvm. i might have found another deal. thanks anyway
  7. How would the deal look?
  8. wat if i added al harrrington or bowen?
  9. Sorry, now that we've got our team healthy, we're looking to compete. If we are going to trade Baron, we'd want players who could contribute either next year or the year after..
  10. like this? bibby is a big expiring while baron has more years.
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