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Conversation Between ClipperfanKevin and Westbrook36

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  1. Andre Miller + alittle somethin for Baron?
  2. Not sure.

    Hmmm I could move Green/Speights and Louis (Louu is harder tho).

    Thad I think is already leaving.
  3. id have to check with my co. what kind of offer do you got on the table?
  4. Well I think Green and Thad are about to packing their bags tonight.

    I could move Speights and Louis is a meh move.
  5. well i got alot of interest in kaman, so im trying to gauge his worth right now. i like speights, williams, young, and green. let me hear an offer.
  6. What do you like on the 76ers?
  7. It would take alot to pry Camby out of our hands, but Kaman is available. We're looking for some young talent. Let me know who you're willing to part with.
  8. 76ers intrested in Kaman/Camby/Randolph.

    Lemme kn what you like
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