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Conversation Between HunterNRoss and Norm

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  1. Up in draft
  2. Hey Chiefs here. Interested in Hargrave and Matakevich. Let me know if there's anything you like from me
  3. yea i did. super wis and homestar
  4. I'll just tell super I agreed. You sent it to him right
  5. your pm box is full
  6. Arizona sends

    Arizona receives
    G Richie Incognito

    No cap change

    Packers send
    G Richie Incognito(1mSB eaten)

    Packers receive

    No cap change
  7. Yeah. Can you write it up? You can leave my cap blank since it won't change
  8. still looking to trade me Richie? all good if not. just asking. tried to pm you but your inbox was full.
  9. yea 5(151) works for me
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