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Conversation Between HunterNRoss and Sportfan

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  1. Now that you got KP any chance on crabbe for Roberson/Jackson?
  2. im going to pass for now
  3. Any follow up to that pm from before
  4. Mock offseason team draft (you are up)
  5. saric for myles?
  6. Yea I think things are good but waiting to hear back a response. Then after I could potentially look at taking on some cap.
  7. still working on opening the cap?
  8. Not at the moment. Working on a trade that may open cap but still going to picky about what I take on if the trade goes through.
  9. still looking not to add cap?
  10. still interested in a dwight/whiteside based deal, not sure what needs to be added but if youre interested too lmk
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