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Conversation Between HunterNRoss and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. Hey start the Raiders FF league, you’re taking over!
  2. draft time!
  3. Of course, there is no other way to be
  4. Lakers for Life, right?
  5. I do need to go to the LA forum more. Especially with the Raider forum slowing down for the rest of the offseason.
  6. Come into the Lakers forum more
  7. Not at all, you've done a fantastic job we're just busier than other forums. You already nominated him and that's fine, just felt like he's earned it and would definitely help you Mod our forum. But for real, you've been the best Raiders mod we've had
  8. have i missed anything that needs to be modded. been pretty busy lately but haven't seen anything that needs addressing unless i missed it. That said I had already nominated krs before to mods above me awhile ago. either they dont want another mod or he didnt want to.
  9. We need another guy in there and I think he would embrace the opportunity.
  10. I nominate KRS as a new mod
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