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Conversation Between killthesux and Wrench

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  1. I'd only ask if you battle at least once a week against the person you are scheduled to battle, it'd be like a 12-13 week schedule with a bye and playoffs
  2. Ha, lol, It doesnt take much to learn we will be using a site called pokemon showdown to run the battles
  3. If you need me I guess I could give it a shot.
  4. I really only know or care about the Kanto region lol
  5. Yo my dude, would you be interested in a Pokemon Battle League if i can get one started?
  6. Your up after Norm makes his 2nd pick
  7. Just so you know Finsser is shipped in like 45 mins and TO is ready to pick. So be ready or leave me a list lol
  8. otc
  9. your up Fuku's 2 hours are up
  10. AI is OTC but has till 12:30, just a heads up.
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