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Conversation Between Norm and PackerBum9786

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  1. join my chatzy, biotch.
  2. Haha okay. I just had a hunch for a second
  3. i did an ip check and he doesn't have a shared ip but, i will keep an eye on him.
  4. Gut getting tells me that shady Grove guy is that guy who made 1000 dupes
  5. Then get a position that can help us soon. Get a kizer level player at a different position.

    Mike had a boner for Kizer is what happened.

    Plenty of more will come. I just didn't like getting that position back and that player
  6. you get what you can get for him. It just shows that what they were saying last year around draft time was true that the Packers were really high on Kizer.

    I honestly think this was just the tip of the iceberg. I think Hundley gets traded, sounds like the Raiders and Cardinals are interested and if they miss out on Trumaine Johnson I think they got some trade ideas that could be done.
  7. IDC if you trade him and I understand it's the locker room stuff. But not for that..
  8. ehhh its not so bad. I guess they really wanted to get rid of Randall last year after he quit in whichever game it was. several players wanted him gone because he was becoming cancerous and if there is a mutual split between the 2 sides he wasn't going to re-sign at the end of the year so at least this way they get something for him and move up some spots in the 4th and 5th round.

    Rumor now is they are really interested in Trumaine Johnson.
  9. So terrible
  10. gute iz makin movezz
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