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Conversation Between Norm and homestarunner93

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  1. I mean I've seen them all live. But I don't have any defined views really.

    Also GB bout to get Mo Wilkerson. Super bowl
  2. What do you think of the QBs? Or not enough to make a guess?
  3. Think so? I just flat didn't pay much attention this year.
  4. Some team is going to clean up in this draft btw. More than your average dose of good prospects that push the boundaries of "normal" like Lamar and Griffin.
  5. idk, he does some other weird ones too.
  6. wtf is an edge linebacker...that's stupid haha
  7. Stands for edge.. He's always put elb. I have asked about it ages ago

    Check out MidwestJimmy in this thread. 230-something pound Shaquem Griffin is apparently an "elephant LB." lol.
  9. yeah you might as well finish out your team. it's good enough to make the playoffs and keep things interesting.
  10. So ****ing transparent.. we used to have time for this **** but most of us don't anymore. I'd quit but I think I'm semi decent so **** it.. Might as well
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