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Conversation Between jaydubb and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. I didn't even see this till now. Lol. I don't get visitor messages on my phone for some reason (and i post from my phone like 99% of the time). I actually like horry in the current matchup for you because all of your bigs can stretch the floor which limits the defensive impact of duncan and marc gasol. If you are going against some bigs in the future that have great low post scorers,it might be beneficial to drop horry for mahorn who is a great low post defender. He was really the one that made the "bad boys" pistons.
  2. If you wanna try to do the trade again, ill try to work with you
  3. Yeah.. Sorry bro. :/
  4. Nah i jus think he's trying to be fair. I mean having all the players on the lakers would be HUGE in a fantasy league, especially when you got kobe and dwight. I understand why your trying to get kobe tho, hes a monster in fantasy leagues.
  5. Yeah idk man.. It was hard for me to do the trade, but I was willing to. Maybe if we did another trade he would accept it?
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