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Conversation Between Phenomenonsense and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. Done. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. you should edit the Pistons game thread to say 2-4.
  3. It's in no way what he says about Stuckey and Knight, it's the illogical manner in which he says it. And I have him ignored. Ignoring someone doesn't do a damn thing when he gets in shouting matches with Mike and Mayo and Gators.
  4. I can't infract or ban a guy for *****ing about Stuckey or Knight all the time and that is a good majority of his posts. When he goes off the deep end is when he gets in trouble. A lot of the posts that have been reported about him aren't going unnoticed in the mod forum. The more he gets reported, the more closely he gets watched by all mods. Right now it's a lot of ticky-tack stuff but if enough gets reported/or he goes off the deep end like he did last time to get banned, it'll happen again.

    That is also why I always ask people to report posts if they don't ignore someone. It makes my job easier to pick out the bad posts, handle it and see if the crap continues. And if for some reason I'm out for the night an able NBA mod/Super Mod can come and take care of it. If nobody reports anything then I can only handle what I notice and I'm sorry but I don't read every single thread he posts in.
  5. "How sensitive" HA! More like "how abrasive and sensitive shyfly is." How many problems were on the site when he was banned? Exactly. Keep him around though, for whatever reason.
  6. Maybe not but there certainly were things in that post that were suggestive towards him and with how sensitive the forum has gotten anything and everything needs to be carefully handled.
  7. I wasn't responding to him. I was talking about teenagers in general. And I'm not wrong in anyway considering I have a degree in the field.
  8. I'm deleting both posts. Both are gone. I originally wasn't going to delete that one and just edit out the deleted post but it makes more sense to just delete it.

    You all need to stop responding to him and he vice versa though.
  9. Get your **** together dude. Your modding is ****ing terrible if you're deleting my posts over shyfly's post.
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