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Conversation Between Phenomenonsense and Gram

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  1. Lol I might have if there was anything to talk about haha
  2. Miss me when I was gone?
  3. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck mang.
  4. Lol ight man - I did kinda over react. That Chitown fan in the NBA forum had me going and in the arguing mood lol.

    I just don't think it's rigged. Simple and plain.
  5. The best cases for it being rigged have video evidence when they used to choose one envelope. I would have no reason to think the draft is rigged if they drew the balls live on T.V. I see no reason why they wouldn't show it when they already used to show it.

    And act like what? You sound a little upset over nothing homie. Personal attacks are silly.
  6. Lol where the hell did you come from? And no it's not rigged. There's a reason every team has a representative in the room where the lottery takes place. I said in the thread - if it is rigged - that Chitown has the biggest case for it being rigged. As for Cleveland getting LeBron - a 22.5 percent chance is a reasonable chance to get Le*****. In 2011 - they had the second worst record in the L and the 2.4% or whatever more the Clippers pick gave them to add to their chances.

    If you're gonna act like this bro - go back to D&D or Dragon Quest or whatever the hell your hilarious game is called - your friends who play with you will be more than happy to argue about conspiracies.
  7. Lol so the draft isn't rigged? Rose and Bron are just HOMETOWN heroes that happened to go to their markets? Every time a star leaves their team they win the lottery? Okay.
  8. Lol it wasn't bad man. Came to check in on you guys from time to time. Same old like when I wasn't banned lol. Work, friends, and from time to time the forum. <3
  9. I enjoy plenty of dumbasses ;D. ***** good. How was your month?
  10. Lol I know. I like that guy though lol. Big Sactown homer though lol. How ya been my man it's been a long time.
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