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Conversation Between Phenomenonsense and GuySir

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  1. The joke stops being funny when the punchline is that in order to laugh at the idiocy, you must first willingly submerge yourself in it.
  2. embrace the comedy of PSD, whether or not the posts are intended
  3. Haha no that all sounds quite good. I think my attitude is symptomatic too, just in more of a reactionary way.
  4. I've fallen in line with the sheep, too lazy to read the good posts. When Butter posts his multi paragraph ramblings I just skim over it. For all I know he actually makes good points, I'm symptomatic of a decaying forum.

    (I don't think I used any of those words right, oh well, that just further proves whatever point I was making)
  5. Well obviously I didn't mean "ALL" because I am still not banned and I am obviously a good poster. There has to be some of us still unbanned. It's just most of them that aren't banned don't even post here anymore.
  6. lol I had a feeling you were going rogue. Hey, we all miss shy

    But I'm a little hurt by your assertion that all the good posters have been banned ahh who am I kidding
  7. Yeah I don't really give a **** about this forum as is anyway. They can ban me for all I care. If people are going to be stupid I'm going to let them know they're stupid. They've already banned away all of the good posters here anyway.
  8. I laughed but figured lflol would delete it anyway
  9. Lol it was pretty funny stuff in my opinion.
  10. lol I'm just glad I finally got to see a post before it was deleted
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