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  1. he can play PG as a rotation player, not as a starter. He would get torched by quick PG's in the NBA. Basically, he can fill in, and if you have a defensive minded PG who simply brings the ball up, Shved can handle the distribution duties.
  2. Yea, I have no problem with Knight. I'm certainly not a defender, but I don't think he can't improve stupid turnovers with experience. I think it's ridiculous to be calling for his head, and even more so to call for Shved to replace him. I think Shved knows how to play like a vet, just like Singler, knows when to take his shot and went to pass it, just like Singler, and shoot the three all well, like Singler. I don't think he's a PG from what little I've seen by any means, and no where near the level of someone like Rubio. I was wondering what you thought of Shved's point guard skills more than if you would trade him.
  3. I don't think there is anyway the Wolves would move him to you guys. Shved is going to be a very good player. Poise of a vet (started playing pro ball as a teen), great patience, can play 3 positions, and just needs to learn how to attack the PnR instead of floating around it and trying to pull the big out constantly. He and Rubio will be very good together. He seems to understand when to take it himself, and when to wait that extra second to make the right pass. he also understands angles for passing lanes very well. I wouldn't move Shved right now, his value is higher than he will fetch honestly.

    Knight is not a bad player man.
  4. Some people are really upset with Knight in the Piston's forum for one reason or another, and they've been up in arms about getting a real playmaker or a true point guard. That's fine by me, but they keep bringing up Shved's name. I've seen him play once and it was probably his worst game of the season, but I still don't see him at all as a PG or playmaker. I assumed he was around/a bit better than Kyle Singler honestly.

    What do you think?
  5. Oh yea no doubt! You have a pretty good handle on him you closet pistons fan haha. I still think his Pick and Roll D was very good his rookie year and is not good this year.
  6. Like I have told you, I started watching him in college, after I read he was skilled with no motor. I didn't see that **** dude. I liked him big time, and thought the Wolves should have traded down, and if not capable, reach for George or Monroe. Oh well.

    I think Monroe, if Detroit makes a nice improvement next year (ups their winning percentage by 15% is enough), could easily win MIP. He had numbers this year, imagine one more offseason of development and confidence knowing he can score 20 and pull down 10 anytime he desires.
  7. oh for sure. You can bet Monroe worked on his offensive game only last summer, because lets be honest, production matters, and if you are capable of being an offensive player, you work harder there.

    The Pistons perimeter defense was a joke. No big stands a chance if penetrators are coming at them 100 mph. Monroe, from the 20 or so games I watched (yes, I am closet Pistons fan), does a pretty good job of finding his guy in transition, and making life tough for him to post deep, but he still needs to give way more effort on his shows, and not be oblivious to the ball being on the other side of the floor, ie, making sure he shifts into help mode when necessary.
  8. I totally agree. Whether or not he improves defensively will determine if he's an Allstar or an Al Jefferson clone. I think his stats this year defensively are a betrayal to his defense. Either he regressed form last year, or I am right. Last year his PnRoll D was great and this year it is baaad. And his positioning was worse this year. I do believe this is partly due to a new coach, a new system, and such changes being done on the fly instead of with a training camp. Having Knight as one of the guard positions while he was still learning to play defense also may have had something to do with it. I'll be far more interested in how he comes out next year.
  9. Its the next step for him dude. He is not a good defender. He isn't atrocious, but he needs to step up and command the leadership role going into next season.
  10. Also Moose is a good on ball defender, he just is so bad helpside and we have no other inside presence lolol.
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