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Conversation Between provider and BradyIsTheMan12

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  1. Well when you put it together it sounds like a possible union. But after all the mocks i seen of the past couple of drafts, the 2010 mock was the most accurate of them all.
  2. I have seen it but I don't give mocks a whole lot of stock at this point. One thing that Ingram has going for him is that BB and Nick Saban are good friends, and BB likes to look at guys from his coaching circle that he respects.
  3. uhhm fair enough but i asked because the Maroney experiment hasn't gone as expected. Some people have us taking defensive players with both picks. But i guess we'll se but if we do draft him remember where you heard it first lol
  4. It's way too early to really speculate who we are going to take to be honest. I actually don't think we will take him but I may be wrong, my best guess is that we will go for 3-4 defensive end with one of our firsts, that's the best I can offer.
  5. last question, in a couple of mock drafts i seen it shows us getting Alabama RB mark ingram at no.12 whats your thoughts and do you think it will happen? because personally i think belichick might trade down but i would like to have him though
  6. Fair enough, agree to disagree
  7. i didn't say its anything wrong with have your opinion and i have mine which is what these dickheads up here need to realize. But anyway im just saying i think adding t.o with welker ,moss, and holt would be a great passing attack and i dont think T.O. will cause trouble because this may be his last shot in the nfl...dude is getting old and i know he wants that ring
  8. Yes I do. Edelman will be our slot guy while Welker is hurt and he will come in on short yardage situations throughout the seasons regardless. Crumpler will be our blocking tightend, something we haven't really had since Kyle Brady in 2007. Tate will be our lead kick returner and will be working as our number 3/4, because of him we can probably cut Mathew Slater as well which is good. Yeah, I'm against T.O., what's wrong with that? I like our guys and would rather go with what we got rather than getting a cancer..
  9. hey whats up quick question.Do you really think that edelman,tate and crumpler will be worked in the line up and be effective? and im guessing your against the T.O thing huh
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