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Conversation Between OneManIsNoMan and RedWings13

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  1. did you do the Tatar signing? I think it's on the 2nd page.
  2. Habs offer on Nikita is void since Stralman signed (they put it in their offer)
  3. Going to finish signing players right now basically
  4. Go ahead and wrap FA by the end of tomorrow.
  5. Could you do the Fisher NTC? I'm leaning toward saying no but I don't want to be called a cheater or anything because TO didn't get Vanek.
  6. Gotcha. The ones I didn't do I am either assuming they are yours (correctly or incorrectly) or I just missed. We should probably start wrapping this up pretty quick though. Been really busy with work but I think I've put most of my free agents in a position to where they should mostly all be signed by tomorrow night.
  7. Need you to take over the Niskanen FA as I jumped in on that
  8. That's pretty much my thoughts as well. There is also no major piece coming back whatsoever, just a bunch of good/solid pieces which is ridiculous for the Sedins.
  9. If VAN wasn't retaining 50% of their contracts I'd like it. Being that VAN is retaining 50% on both deals, I feel like they should be getting more back.
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