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Conversation Between KnicksorBust and AI

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  1. Did you want sam jones ($2.5M) or nah? You need cheap players to fill out your roster.
  2. It's cool. Was only willing to do it if I had a co.
  3. Hey AI, my bad. I never have time to log on to psd on my home computer anymore so I never saw your message.
  4. I'll co with you in the All Time NBA Auction RD if you want. Have never done an All Time one so I'll only play if someone has me as their co.
  5. Is it me or has everything I've written in my matchup been completely ignored?
  6. Thanks for the breakdown. Been trying to upgrade my wings for a while now.
  7. I'm curious KoB, if you had my team, what would you try to improve?
  8. Your pm's are full so Jerry West has failed miserably
  9. That's exactly what Tijuana wants though. An unofficial advisor to give his opinion on trades ideas, picks, etc.
  10. Jerry West is a pretty appropriate analogy actually. I think we talked about that in a chatzy one night.

    I'm always down for discussing the games and giving friendly advice but I'd rather not take an official role. thanks though. gl
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