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Conversation Between likemystylez and MackShock

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  1. im in the lead again
  2. lol..i think they deleted a thread which i commented like 12 times in..but i dont remember which one..weird
  3. wtf- how did you do that. LOL removing your own posts??
  4. so im on the verge of hitting 5000 yet
  5. im creeping up on 5000...i dont see you in my rearview.
  6. Im trying hard to get to 5000, but I might come up short. BTW- its gettin a bit chippy over in the NBA forum, I think ive made some enemys hehe.
  7. no is too hard to follow.
  8. hey you got ur brackets filled out for the tourny?
  9. and my boys talked about buying lower level seasons..around 2500 bucks split 5 ways and we do lottery to pick the home games. but thats if i move back!
  10. Your moving back to the bay area, I Insist!!!
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