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Conversation Between Giannis94 and More-Than-Most

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  1. Call me yaweh. Because I have risen
  2. Wait until you see my sig. Gonna be bomb.
  3. giannis, embiid and DonnyT!
  4. you are getting me all hot inside... You are missed. lets save this place... We have the 2 corner stones of the NBA on our teams and haters gonna hate... Embiid/Giannis 4lyfe
  5. My return is imminenent. 1 week. Rest assured little padowan. Giannis94 is here to save the NBA forum and Make it Great again
  6. I honestly never had anything against you guys. I just thought that you guys were way too ****ing cocky and your fanbase thought that the NBA bows down to you guys despite having a <.315 win % since embiid was drafted.

    I would hope the playoffs were a reality check. Bucks took Boston to 7 without a head coach.Philly took em to 5. No offense to Miami and Wade, but Miami is a dog **** team.
  7. I'm not going after filly anymore. That's asking for a 2 monther. Not saying I'm going to go after any specific team. But I have always hated Lakers and their ****ing fans. They worship a rapist. A literal rapeist. Can you imagine if he didn't have a **** ton of $$ and wasn't an athlete?

    And I've expressed that in the past. It's sickening.
  8. well ty and you as well : )

    Its ok just remember we both have young teams with great players. Its the off season where we can enjoy ourselves and prepare the **** talking for November.
  9. Happy (P)Holidays, darling!
  10. And that was the reason I initially started ribbing him in the first place. It's annoying to see a guy with that much talent be such a little ***** when they experience sub-optimal outcomes.

    LeGone is the same way. But more passive-aggressive and subtle with how he acts. I respect both players but that act gets old quickly.
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