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Conversation Between Giannis94 and warfelg

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  1. Don't mean to bother you. But as far as the draft order goes I acquired pick 26 from the Falcons and the falcons acquired my (Minny) 2nd rd pick (62) in the Anthony Barr trade. Super posted the trade and it's not a problem at all; just wanted to let you know. Appreciate you running the game
  2. just an fyi the cowboys posted on my wall that he's no longer in the mock. so if anyone takes them, i'm not sure he'll be a good co?
  3. Iambob just posted on my wall that I can take them. Are there any objections?
  4. some guy IamBob said he dropped out in the lounge. Does that mean I can take his team?
  5. I just vmed him. See what he says. But if he doesn't respond by the end of the day, can you make a decision? I know FA starts tomorrow and it would hurt to not be able to the tag because of an inactive guy.
  6. The Dallas and Colts guys took teams and haven't exactly been active. PM one of them, and Co with one of them. Particularly the Dallas guy. He doesn't have many posts and isn't that active.
  7. if ya got any teams left, lemme know. If not, thats cool too. aint matter to me .
  8. Close to. Unless I gt a #1 WR back.
  9. will get back to you later. I also assume Decker is unotuchable atm?
  10. Won't break the bank to get him. S/ILB/OG would be spots looking to improve or get a new look at.
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