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Conversation Between Giannis94 and homestarunner93

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  1. HMU when you're on
  2. alright, just let me know. We can figure something out.
  3. unsure. Undecided what I want to do with Barr
  4. thoughts?
  5. Would you do something like Vernon Maxwell (cutback) for Anthony Goldwire? You get a decent backup guard and save some cap space. I need to eat up some cap to get to the spending floor. Plus you'll get Maxwell back on the minimum anyways.
  6. You and pl are up in NBA mock team selection
  7. We're doing an Auction-Style NFL Redraft if you're interested.
  8. The pick in the PHi-Sea trade I made is pick 47. I listed it as pick 46
  9. LOL Floyd is a #1. I wouldn't have done Campbell+Floyd for Maclin. I would have wanted an elite, top 5 level guy for that deal.
  10. I saw that you couldn't get a bite on Floyd/Calais for a #1. I would have probably of done Macclin for that, FYI.
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