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Conversation Between Giannis94 and rapjuicer06

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  1. just an FYI you'll be up again very soon. After GB. As Dally is inactive/NA
  2. Pretty sure you're up in the draft based on time slots? Don't mean to bother you. Not sure if you're aware or not.
  3. Bad day yesterday. I won't quit yet
  4. You quit or what
  5. I'm not 100% sure what I'd trade him for. I mean I'm looking for WR's still and a safety. I'll take a look at your club house
  6. Cush? Have a solid replacements to send back depending who else youd want
  7. Cam makes 0 dollars for me...I almost can't trade him
  8. Have interest on CamJordan. PM me if you see anything. Anyone but 12 can be availible
  9. Yea
  10. You got time to chatzy or nah
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