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Conversation Between streetballa and marvILLous

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  1. basically, typical blow-up so rebuilding package
  2. what would you be looking for in a deal for motie? young players/picks/cash kinda thing?
  3. gimme ur 2018/cash
  4. sell me chalmchalm?
  5. I don't see much for Hickson...but Thorn for Hibbert is still on the table, and go figure they get better lol
  6. hey wat would hickson cost!

    if anything, u still interested in thorn for hib? they both got better in tc lol
  7. lol o, i was just joking i'm not really gonna pay 20k for that pick haha, talk to jimbob tho he might be serious about his 10k bid
  8. Well looks like #7 is yours...u can post whenever u want to, and i will accept
  9. Not sure but we only have 54,603,746 used but says we have $61,007,580....not sure what happened
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